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Saddle up for a spectacular showcase of equestrian excellence at the CHB A&P Show! Our equestrian events feature a diverse range of competitions that will leave horse enthusiasts of all ages thrilled. From show jumping and show hunters to pony classes and pinto events, we've got it all covered.  Witness the finesse and precision of our talented riders as they compete in a variety of categories, including saddle hunter horses, show ponies, pleasure ponies, side saddle, riding horses, and many more. Whether you're a passionate equestrian or simply love the grace and beauty of horses, our equestrian events are a must-see. These events are a true testament to the bond between horse and rider and showcase the dedication and hard work of our equestrian community. Join us at the CHB A&P Show and experience the excitement of these captivating equestrian competitions.

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15/10 -  Page 17 Saddle Hunter Ponies on Friday in Pony White Ring